Top 5 Questions Every Empty Nester Needs to Ask Before Downsizing

Being an empty nester means the next stage of your life is about to begin. Whether the kids are off at school, starting families of their own, or moving across the country to follow their dreams, it’s time to shift your focus back to how you want to spend your time – and where.

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The kids are grown up, moved out, and successfully adulting. Your house is too big, too old, or in the wrong location—or climate. You’re ready for fewer stairs, a more walkable community, access to outdoor recreation, a unique selection of cultural amenities—pick one or all. Is this you?

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1. Review Your Lifestyle. U.S. News suggest that if you entertain, you should find a house that offers open spaces to do so. If you plan to have grandkids spend the night, look into houses that have extra space for the kids. Review what you're expecting from your lifestyle and go from there [1]. 2.

House Hunting Tips for Empty Nesters

Sending your kids off to college and out into the world marks a momentous time in any parent’s life. Some see it as a joyous occasion; others may grieve.

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It should go without saying that when the kids finally move out of the house, it's not time to go on a shopping spree and burn through retirement funds. For most of us, having an empty nest requires as much financial prudence as still having children in the house.

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Are you an "Empty Nester" who needs a home for the future? Is it time to downsize or to move into another home more suitable for your glorious retirement years?
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